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Name Fairy Tail: Fighting
Category Role Playing
Size 637.0MB
Popularity 6092
Publisher WHWL
Score 2.0
Publish Date 16/09/2021
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Mod Info:

Fairy Tail: Fighting

Fairy Tail: Fighting Game Introduction :

\”Fairy Tail: Fierce Fight\” is the first ARPG3D magical combat mobile game in the \”Fairy Tail\” series authorized by Kodansha. Highly reproduce the original hot-blooded battle, the hard core feels the ultimate blow, and experience a smooth and exciting new battle.

[Manipulate Upanishad Changshuang Combination]
The new Fairy Tail ARPG3D action mobile game, bid farewell to standing and being beaten, take the initiative to operate!
Hardcore feel polished, feel the release of silky skills in every frame; freely move position combo, give full play to your fighting inspiration. Extremely sound combat, enjoy the purest magical combat experience!

[Meet the challenge and defeat the strong enemy]
Meet all kinds of challenges: Fight in the arena and challenge the highest honor rank; resist the invasion of ghosts and win massive daily output; fiercely fight against the tower of the paradise, enjoy the thrill of fighting; go deep into Naraku Palace and enjoy the liver protection Earnings throughout the day!

[Form a bond and fight side by side]
All guild partners gather! Full 3D high-definition modeling carefully restores dozens of super-popular wizards such as Naz, Lucy, Gray, etc., deeply develops all-member no-waste cards, captain skills, bond skills, occupational restraint, magical attributes…strategic combination to build you The \”strongest team\” in my heart!

[Genuine Authorized Excitement]
Kodansha is authorized by the original license, and the magicians gather together! Relive the classic original plot in the game, recruit the most powerful partners, and explore the wonderful 3D magical world. Visit the fantasy adventure battlefield, APRG real-time battle experience, your wizard adventure journey is defined by yourself!

Fairy Tail: Fighting Game screenshot :

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