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Name FRAAGILE RabbitFinder
Category Puzzle
Size 26.2MB
Popularity 7360
Publisher eVida
Score 6.0
Publish Date 11/05/2022
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Mod Info:

FRAAGILE RabbitFinder

FRAAGILE RabbitFinder Game Introduction :

In this game you can play 2 different games:

House game: in this game you will improve your speed of mental calculation. You are shown a house were people go in and out of it. You have to keep track of the people inside of the house.

Forest game: in this game you will train your memory. You will be shown a forest were rabbits appear periodicaly in different places, you have to remember the places and order in which the rabbits appeared in, so at the end of the game you can click the rabbits in that order.

Both games have a simple and a advance difficulty, the basic difficulty is made so that you can get used to how the game works. Despite the name, the basic difficulty latest levels are very challenging. And in case that wasn\’t enough, there is also a custom level, where you can adjust yourself the speed the people go in and out of the house and the time the level last. Good luck with the maximum custom level. Some games do not have the custom level because it did not make sense in it.

The advanced difficulty is more challenging, the early levels are not more difficult than the lastest levels of the basic difficulty, so don\’t be scared to try them. But they are made to be more challenging than the basic levels. And once again there are custom levels. Advanced difficulty max custom levels are nearly imposible to beat, so good luck with those.

Both games have a clasic version and a more realistic version, you can choose the version you like the most, both work the same and give the same points.

Music of the game is from

FRAAGILE RabbitFinder Game screenshot :

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