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Name Hyperspace law
Category Role Playing
Size 329.2MB
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Publisher SummertimeGame
Score 6.0
Publish Date 22/07/2021
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Hyperspace law

Hyperspace law Game Introduction :

download and send now – valuable \”super run\” & limited avatar frame set

cyber urban fantasy RPG mobile tour

join the search officer team and guard the city together

In the new technological revolution, people\’s lives are supported by \”magneto Europe\” technology. The great scientist attia is the inventor of this technology. Through this technology, electromagnetic waves can be used to a great extent to obtain a lot of energy. This technological invention makes people\’s life more convenient.

However, after the large-scale popularization of \”magneto Europe\” technology, the scientific research team suddenly announced the death of Professor Atia. Since then, dimensional cracks occurred frequently, and Demons invaded

[game features]

transform into mecha to guard the city

In the new era, as demons frequently emerge from the dimensional cracks, you, who incarnate as a search officer, have the ability to control the machine God by adapting to the test of new technology, and guard this broken city by constantly mastering the machine God, resisting the invasion of strange demons!

it\’s the most adorable spirit, and the fetters follow

Qiling, the aborigines whose world was destroyed by the invasion of strange demons, have distinct personalities and different personalities. Sign contracts with them, interact sweetly, take risks and grow together, and guard the fetters that only belong to you!

\”Shall we discuss the contents of the contract?\”

\”Well, what do you want to write down?\”

\”From now on, I\’m yours and you\’re mine\”

self built home, fun life

Chaos! Disorder! In this age of demons and wars, there is always a space for you to forget all your pain and troubles, let you just want to rest and beauty, and calm your mind. The home full of fun is decorated by you. It\’s simple, sweet, pink and freehand. Your little home is dominated by you~

homemade fashion shows fashion

I don\’t follow fashion, I am fashion ~ ~ ~ versatile wear and match, a variety of different material combinations, according to their own style, self-made their own fashion clothes, suitable for their own, is the most valuable!

supreme duel, honorary society

It is our duty to recast the glory of the society! The competition between associations, the collision of the combination of strength and wisdom, the union of comrades in arms of the association, shorten the distance between each other, and fight together for the honor of the association!

Sign an eternal contract, take your spirit and guard the city together.

Make an appointment now and start a journey beyond time and space!

[warm tips]

◆ software hierarchical management method: tutor the 15-year-old.

◆ some plots of the game involve violence, sex, tobacco and alcohol, and virtual love plots, which can only be used by people over the age of 15.

◆ the game is free to use, and there are other payment services for purchasing virtual game coins, items and so on.

◆ please experience according to your personal interests, abilities and. Please pay attention to the game time to avoid indulging in the game.

User agreement & Privacy Protection Agreement:

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◆ privacy policy:

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